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 We offer wine cork themed wall art and photography for your home, office, and wine cellar.    


Wine Cork Art created for Wine Lovers by Wine Lovers.

Welcome to Wine Cellar Treasure! We specialize in making exquisite, tasteful, and elegant wine cork art pieces. Laser focused, with attention to details only noticeable to the keenest of wine enthusiasts. Throughout the years, wine cork art has typically been rather “craftsy”. However, our wine cork art and wine photography are the exception, not the rule. We endeavor to distinctly differentiate our artwork, from the things you might usually see made of corks ( wine cork trivets and wine cork boards ).

Our wine cork art is done with an  emphasis on creativity, utilizing  vintage and high end wine corks to  construct each composition. Each piece contains unique patterns, textures, and shadows that make the artwork appear to leap off of the wall.  Characteristics such as depth and dimension will appeal to your senses, putting your brain in to sensory overload.

Each of these pieces is handcrafted with a meticulous and painstaking attention to detail that will allure even the keenest of wine enthusiasts. This wine cork art makes the perfect artwork for any wine cellar or wine themed home décor. Each wine art piece is truly “One of a kind”.

Although we have completed wine cork art pieces for sale on our website,

 We  Specialize In Creating One Of A Kind, Gallery Quality Artwork, From Wine Collectors Own Corks



 We are happy to accommodate any ideas you may have by creating a custom wine cork art piece designed to your specifications.

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us with any questions you may have. Enjoy!

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 fine art for the discriminating palate & palette…


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