Custom Wine Art

Have you been saving corks from the wines you drink and you don’t know what to do with them?

Do you have a big vase, basket, or wine box full of corks?

We can help you by making a one-of-a-kind Custom Wine Art,“Work of Art” using your own wine corks.

 These corks represent some really wonderful times, as well as some amazing wines that you have enjoyed throughout the years. You saved them for a reason.  Instead of having another “someday when I get around to it” project; you can let us handle the dirty work for you , and create a unique, custom wine art piece to your own specifications. Let us turn these corks into an exquisite one of a kind, custom wine art treasure, specific to you and the wines you’ve enjoyed. Custom wine art doesn’t get any better than this! Shadows, Patterns, and Textures will seem to leap off the wall. Depth and dimension will play with your senses, putting your brain in to sensory overload. Each custom wine art piece is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail for the most discriminating lover of Fine Artwork.Your custom art piece will be created utilizing techniques which use light to accentuate shapes and patterns with astounding displays of highlights and shadows. As with all of my artwork, your custom wine art piece will dramatically change as the lighting on it changes. If hung in an area lit by outside light, this piece will go through a metamorphosis as the lighting changes throughout the day. In addition to these other dramatic elements, each wine cork art piece seems to have a 3-D aspect;

Display a piece of personalized, custom wine art that you and others will spend hours admiring and talking about.

Please send an email or contact me by phone and let me know exactly what kind of custom wine art piece you desire.

…and now you can put some flowers in that big vase.

Custom Wine Art is our Specialty!!!